About Our chicken


Why we do it

Every winter we would stock our freezers with fresh, quality meat to have on hand for healthy, hearty meals. When it came time to raise our own chicken, family and friends started showing interest in purchasing chicken. From that demand, Calehill Farm Fresh Chicken was born. Over the past three years we have grown the business to now being able to offer our chicken to our friends, family and community.

How we do it

We bring our chickens home to the farm the day they are hatched. We have designed a large chicken pen in the back of our barn set up to offer the chickens what they need as we raise them on the farm. The pen has large windows and doors for optimal fresh air and sunshine, access to a continuous flow of fresh water and we purchase our feed from a feed mill whose business it is to create a complete chicken ration that changes as the chickens’ nutritional needs change. All of our inputs for the chicken business are purchased locally.